My 1st night in London I spent drowning myself in various liquors and becoming acquainted with the locals at The Crobar Rock n Roll Bar on Manette St. in Soho, west London. If you’re ever in London and are a fan of rock, metal, and/or alcohol I definitely recommend this joint! Very cool place with great staff.

At some point over the course of the night the subject of me going to Sonisphere on the weekend came up. One of the people I had befriended immediately said to me “Be sure you don’t miss Babymetal! They play the main stage on Saturday.”

I had never heard of such an act before but was definitely curious upon hearing their name.

He proceeded to explain to me the concept of the band and how, although admittedly a very strange idea overall, their stage show is really quite something to behold.

I always enjoy being turned onto new, sometimes esoteric musical acts so naturally I was now a little more excited for Saturday than I had been.

I really should have paid closer attention to set times however. By the time I arrived to Knebworth Park on Saturday, Babymetal had long since left the stage.

Not overly impressed with myself at this point.

Then my friend Kai, who was there in time and got to see their set, told me that they would be playing their 1st headlining gig in the UK the following Monday in London at The Forum. He said their set was really quite incredible and offered to source us out a couple tickets to the long sold out event.

Alright then. Game on.

The concept behind Babymetal is a fusion of heavy/melodic/death metal with “idol”. According to Wikipedia; “In Japanese pop culture, an idol is a manufactured young star/starlet who is promoted as being particularly attractive or cute. Idols are intended to be role models everyone adores.”  Idol is also known as J-pop.

Think bubblegum pop if that helps. It is a very interesting combination of genres to say the least.

That brings us to Babymetal. Their entrance to the stage is concealed by a large white back-lit curtain allowing the sold out house to watch the silhouettes of the band members get into position and ready themselves to rock the place. As the band starts out with the 1st few notes the excitement in the place can be felt in the air. When they explode into some heavy metal riffage the curtain drops and the show kicks into high gear. The crowd loses their minds.

Led by 16 year-old Suzuka Nakamoto (Su-metal), and 15 year-olds Moa Kikuchi (Moametal) and Yui Mizuno (Yuimetal), the trio occupy the front of the stage clad in matching black tops and red tutus while their band hangs out immediately behind them clad in white gowns and face paint ripping away at their tools of the trade.

These girls are no slouches and have clearly put a lot of time into rehearsing as the choreography throughout the set was bang on. None of the 3 ever seemed to miss a mark with everything working in near perfect synchronicity, as they have a number of dance routines they run through during songs.

Su-metal looks after the lead vocals and I must say has quite impressive vocal chops. This girl can really sing! For the most part she tends to stand in the center with Moametal & Yuimetal flanking here on either side.

Moametal & Yuimetal frequently sing in unison though they do alternate depending on the song. Their style goes from either the poppy little girl voices you would probably expect from a J-pop/bubblegum pop outfit, or else some pretty hardcore screams more common to the metal scene depending on the song.

It can be really quite an odd juxtaposition at times.

I really can’t say enough good things about the musicians backing up these girls. To say that they were competent would be a gross understatement. 1 drummer, 1 bassist, and 2 guitarists all constantly ripping through metal riffs that, had the 3 girls not been on stage, would make you think you were at a show more akin to something along the lines of In Flames. At one point or another during the show each would take their turn at a solo to show off what they are indeed capable of. There was a point in the latter half of the show when both guitarists took sole occupancy of the front of the stage and traded very impressive solos with one another. Definitely a highlight.

It is clear that this young act already carries with it a VERY dedicated fanbase as there was nary a time when the vast majority of those in attendance didn’t have their arms in the air or weren’t singing along, a fact made even more impressive as most of the lyrics are Japanese.

It can be said that the act is a gimmick and who knows, maybe that was the whole idea starting out. What remains to be seen though is where it goes from here because gimmick or not, there IS talent there. Their debut album was released in February and was not only well received critically but also left its mark on a number of charts around the world including cracking the US Billboard 200, a feat rarely accomplished by Japanese acts.

If these girls stick together and continue to produce quality records past the 1 they have already released the potential for staying power is certainly there, as their live act is damn good! I am very happy I was made aware of this group, I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Moving forward though, if the plan is to stick around, I would keep a tight hold on the gentlemen backing them up on stage. Not only are they incredibly solid musicians, but rotating lineups are rarely ever conducive to longevity.

 私はロンドン第一夜をロンドン西部にあるソーホーのマネット通りにあるCrobarロックンロールバーで色んな酒を飲んだり地元の人々と知り合いをして過ごした。あなたがロンドンにいてロックやメタルそしてアルコールのファンなら、私は間違いなくこの楽しみ方をお勧めします! 素晴らしいスタッフがいて非常にクールな場所です。

 夜のコースで何度か私が週末に行くソニスフェアのことが話題に上がりました。私がすぐに友達になった内の一人は「あなたは絶対にBabymetalを見逃しちゃだめだよ! 彼らは土曜日にメインステージでプレイするから」と私に言いました。


ドのコンセプトやどれほど全体的に奇妙なアイデアでどれほど が素晴らしいかをた。


 時間を設定私はたがにネブワース Babymetal は去っていたんです 


 ただの演奏を見た ンフォーラム最初の ・を行うということを私に教えてくれました彼はライブが実際にかなり信じられないほど素晴らしかった言って、完売したイベントのカップルチケットを私たちに調達することを申し出てくれた。 


 」  と、「日本のポップカルチャーでは、アイドルは特に魅力的で可愛らしくあることを推進して育成されたーや 優である。アイドルは誰もが憧れのロールモデルであることを意図しているとなっている。J - Idol 





 それから、リードボーカルを務めるSU-METALを見て、彼女がとても印象的な歌唱力を持っていると言わざるを得ない。この少女は本当に歌うことができる! ほとんどの部分で彼女はMoametalとYuimetalに隣接して中央に立つことが多かった。



 そして、私はこれらの少女達をバックアップするミュージシャンについて、本当に十分な賞讃をし尽くせないほどです。彼らがただ有能だったと言うことは、著しい控え目な表現になってしまいます。 ドラマー、ベーシスト、およびMETALの旋律を通して絶えずリッピングしている2人のギタリストは、3人の少女達がステージ上にいないとき、IN FLAMESに沿った何かの類似ショーであるかのように思わせました。ショーの間のあるところでは、それぞれがることを見てもらえるように、順々にソロを取ります。両方のギタリストがステージ正面を占有し、お互いに非常に印象的なソロを交換するショーが後半にありました。間違いなくハイライトです。



 彼らのライブはく良いので、この少女達がたアルバム以上の高品質な 、す。プを知ることになって身とてもしめました 

 しし今後近くにいる 、プする士であり 。ただ、彼らは信じられないほどしっかりしたミュージシャンですが、現在の持ち歌だけで回していくのは決して長持ちの助けにはならないだろう。