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BABYMETAL at the Forum, London - The Die-hard Fan's Perspective

I figured I'd do another one of these and I'd do it tonight before I forget to much. No matter how much my feet hurt, no matter how comfy I am in my new Alien Wall of Death Tank-top and my BABYMETAL World Tour 2014 wristband :D 

Got to queue at around 2:45 PM. I was number 111 in line :D It was a long, long, long, long, long, long wait around. However there were a lot of cameras around, a lot of japanese fans and a lot of people dressed far too delicately for a metal concert. 

There's definitely a back-stage camera documentary style thing being filmed as I once again saw one of the crew filming the queue, the same woman who I saw filming on the stage at Sonisphere. I really hope we get to see that soon. Dana Distortion was also taking pictures of the queue out of the window which I thought was very funny. 

We were finally let in at 6:45 PM and I got a great spot in the middle and slightly to the left. about 3-4 people back from the front. This space decreased of course once it started :P 

We were slowly using the music being played to hype ourselves up. Dragonforce came on quite a bit and eventually TTFATF came on. The entire room was going "WOAHHHHHHH, WOAHHHHHHHH, WO,O,O,O,OAHHHHHHHHHHH". Then Master of Puppets came on afterwards and we started to sing that since we know Yui, Moa and Su are actually semi-familiar with Metallica. However, maybe a minute in I and a bunch of others spot a Kitsune being thrown from behind the right side of the curtain. Forget the song. Screams, cheers, and applause. 

Then things started to calm down a bit. And then we heard the instruments being tested. The bass was first and I just shouted so the whole room could hear me "IT'S BASSIST-BOH!". More cheers, more applause as we heard the instruments tested one by one. Myself and the group I was with decided to start a "BA-BY-METAL" chant which I think had actually been recorded somewhere. This caught on and was repeated a fair few times. It's a fairly tiring chant though :P 

Eventually though, it started, we got the Star Wars intro and it kicked off with BABYMETAL Death. OMG, if the crowd was hyped before, it was on ludicrous levels. I don't think we stopped at all throughout the set. Every song was just full of energy from the Crowd. 

The thing that struck me the most was HOW CLOSE THEY WERE. It seems like a silly thing and something I should probably be embarassed about but while I was moshing to BM Death I couldn't help but think how amazing it was that the subject of my fanaticism/obsession for the last 3-4 months were performing about 3-4 metres away from me. Yui, Su, and Moa in all their greatness. I could pick out every detail of the performance, so while it was very high-energy, it also felt very intimate. It was bliss, pure and simple. 

The set was amazing, Su's vocals were absolutely on point and her exchanges with the crowd were great. Yui and Moa were amazing. There was none of the nerves seen at Sonisphere on Saturday, although again, I'd like to think that was because of fans like us hyping the crowd as much as possible. they were clearly working hard, they were sweaty and strained and they still pulled out all the stops. 

4 No Uta and Onedari Daisakusen were absolutely fantastic. They're two of their best songs and with it finally being live it really showcases how talented Yui and Moa are, as well as Su. They're also two of my favourite songs, so I loved them all the same. 

I'd say the biggest crowd pleasers was Iine, Megitsune, Onedari Daisakusen, 4 No Uta, Rondo of Nightmare, Head-bangya and Doki-Doki Morning (Yep Hazz3r, you just named half the set...). EVERYONE was singing along to Iine, so I think that was the high-light of the night for me... BUT IT WAS ALL AMAZING... :D 

They encored with Head-bangya (Su Vocals) and IDZ. A great end to the night, with streamers and confetti being launched into the air and they finished by talking to the crowd, you could barely hear what Moa and Yui were saying but Su was loud and clear: 

"Thank you for coming to see us!" 

No girls. Thank you for coming to perform and showcase your amazing talents for us all to see. You must work incredibly hard between school-work, Sakura Gaikuin and your own interests that BABYMETAL must put a lot of strain on you as people. I saw you working so hard tonight to entertain a bunch of die-hard fans like myself and at such a young age I have nothing but respect and passion for you and for BABYMETAL as a whole. I can't put into words how grateful I am that I got to see this performance other than it was an experience that I'll treasure for the rest of my life.

 脚が痛かろうが、新しいエイリアンWODタンクトップと俺のBABYMETAL WORLD TOUR 2014リストバンドがいかに心地よかろうが関係ないね(^-^)。




 俺たちは流れる音楽を自分たちを鼓舞するために使っていった。DragonForceが何曲も流れてきてやがてTTFAF(「Through The Fire and Flames」)が流れてきた。
 会場全体が「ウォアアアアア、ウォアアアアア、ウォ・オ・オ・オ・オアアアアアア」って感じだった。その後(メタリカの)「Master of Puppets」がかかり、俺たちは由結と最愛、すぅがメタリカのことを実際少しはかじってるのを知ってたので歌い出した。


 ついにコンサートが始まり、スターウォーズのイントロから「BABYMETAL DEATH」でキックオフした。オーマイゴッド、観客の以前の勘違いは一笑に付すしかない。

 馬鹿げたことに聴こえるかもしれないが、俺自身困惑すべきことに、「BABYMETAL DEATH」でモッシュをしているとき、俺のここ3~4ヶ月の狂信と妄想の対象が3~4メートル離れたところでパフォーマンスしていることに驚きを禁じることができなかった。







 (翻訳: プログレ板580、581)